Best High GROUND CLEARANCE Cars In India 2022


India’s roadways are now in a situation where potholes have been dug up or there are no roads at all. Global manufacturers are eager to join the Indian market with their most current models, which are equipped with cutting-edge technology. People have not been stopped from acquiring cars in a range of sectors. When it comes to choosing a vehicle, “highest ground clearance cars in India” are sometimes overlooked, unlike ambient lighting or the infotainment system.

1. Mahindra ALTURAS G4 (GC – 244 mm)

Mahindra ALTURAS G4 (GC – 244 mm)

This list of India’s highest ground clearance cars is topped by the Mahindra Alturas G4, which has a clearance of 244 millimetres. A four-cylinder 2157 cc engine with a peak torque of 420 Nm at 1600-2600 RPM powers this SUV, which measures 4850 mm in length, 1960 mm in width, and 1845 mm in height with roof rails. Standard on the Alturas G4 42 and 44 diesel versions is the Mercedes-Benz 7-speed programmed gearbox.

2. Toyota Fortuner (GC – 220mm)

Toyota Fortuner (GC – 220mm)

Indians can rely on it to be the most dependable luxury car on the market. Toyota has produced yet another meticulously constructed car with a 220mm striking ground potential. To put it another way, the Toyota Fortuner is well-equipped and sells at a premium because of its impressive inline-4 powertrain. The diesel MT and AT models’ inline-4 engines produce up to 420-450 NM of torque at 2400-2600 RPM, while the petrol models’ engines produce 134 BHP at 3400 revolutions per minute.

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3. Renault Duster (GC – 205 mm)

Renault Duster (GC – 205 mm)

The Renault Duster has proven to be a reliable workhorse for several families looking for an excellent, easy-to-maintain, and somewhat harsh SUV. The Duster may be powered by gasoline or diesel engines, and by either a manual or automatic gearbox.

4. Mahindra MARAZZO (GC – 200mm)

Mahindra MARAZZO (GC – 200mm)

With a ground clearance of 200 millimetres, the Mahindra Marazzo is the most spacious vehicle in our comparison. Etching Aqua Marine conceals the body paint, weak and chrome mixtures, etching Mahindra grills in the fluidic style today. Another benefit is that it gives this MPV pause and reflection time. Regardless, the MPV is an exciting choice from a pristine face; it features a 1.5 Litre four chamber engine that produces 121 BHP at 3500 RPM and 300 Nm at 1750-2500 RPM.

5. Ford Freestyle (GC – 190 mm)

Ford Freestyle (GC – 190 mm)

This 2018 hybrid SUV boasts an incredible 190 mm of ground leeway. The Freestyle, as the name indicates, is designed to provide you the smartest possible solution: driving around the city and roaming into streets without any streets. The 5-seat Ford Freestyle is available with a manual gearbox in both petrol and diesel varieties, with engine limitations ranging from 1194 CC to 1498 CC depending on variation.

6. Datsun REDI-GO (GC-185 mm)

Datsun REDI-GO (GC-185 mm)

For the first time Indian vehicle buyer, the hot-chick compact car from Datsun has it all: attractive styling, a well-equipped interior, excellent gas economy, and an affordable pricing. The Datsun Redi-799 Go’s cc petrol engine produces 53 BHP at 5678 rpm and 72 Nm at 4388 rpm, which are both extremes. The Redi-Go is not only loaded with features, but it also boasts a remarkable clearance off the ground. With 185 mm of ground clearance, it’s also recognised as India’s tallest hatchback car.

7. Renault Kwid (GC-184 mm)

Renault Kwid (GC-184 mm)

Most people love the Renault KWID’s butch exterior, luxury interior design, ample room, outstanding ride quality, and great mileage, among other things. It also features a mind-blowing ground clearance of 184 millimetres. Offering 0.8- and 1.0-liter petrol engines and a boxy SUV style, it went head-to-head with market leaders Maruti Alto 800 and K10. For even greater ease of use, the Renault KWID is equipped with an AMT gearbox. KWID is one of the most popular solutions for low-maintenance vehicles in India.

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8. Maruti Suzuki S-Presso (GC – 180 mm)

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso (GC – 180 mm)

Since its introduction, the Maruti S-Presso has been making headlines throughout the country for all the right reasons. Because of its 180-millimeter ground clearance, the hatchback has become one of this year’s most popular cars in the United States. Using a 1.0L oil engine, the S-Presso is capable of producing up to 68PS and 90Nm of torque. Both a 5-speed manual and a 5-speed custom gearbox are available for the S-Presso. Also available is a CNG version of the S-Presso that uses a 1.0L gasoline engine. Only available with a 5-speed manual gearbox, it produces 59 bhp and 78 Nm of torque.

9. Maruti Suzuki Ignis (GC – 180mm)

Maruti Suzuki Ignis (GC – 180mm)

A lot of attention was paid to Maruti Suzuki’s Ignis when it was unveiled. The Ignis, which was built by Maruti, had a plethora of impressive features, but it was also quite light. As an added bonus, the car has 180 mm of ground clearance. Ignis 1.2L petrol engine can provide 83 ps of power and 113 nm of torque in the most current model.

10. Ford Aspire (GC – 176mm)

Ford Aspire (GC – 176mm)

It’s the second Ford-branded car on the list, the Ford Aspire small sedan. The 1498cc diesel engine has a decent power output of 99 bhp and a maximum torque of 215 nm, while the 1499cc petrol engine has a good torque output of 215 nm. The Aspire has the greatest ground clearance of any sedan in India, with a total of 176 mm of ground clearance.

11. Hyundai Aura (GC – 175 mm)

Hyundai Aura (GC – 175 mm)

The Hyundai Aura is set to make its debut this year (2020), and it’s going to be around for a long time. The Aura has a length of 3995 mm, a width of 1680 mm, and a height of 1520 mm. This vehicle may be had in both petrol and diesel with automatic and manual gearbox choices in both petrol as well as diesel and petrol with CNG options. One of the greatest characteristics is the 175 mm ground clearance, which makes it a serious challenger to Tata.

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12. Mahindra KUV100 (GC – 170 mm)

Mahindra KUV100 (GC – 170 mm)

Mahindra is well-known for building long-lasting cars, and the Mahindra KUV100 is no exception. Oil-powered, the SUV is powered by an 82-horsepower, 112-nanometers-of-torque 1.2L engine. It has enough space to drive on any Indian roadway, with 170 mm of clearance.

13. Tata Nexon (GC – 209 mm)

Tata Nexon (GC - 209 mm)

Tata Nexon has changed the game for tata by becoming one of the best selling cars in India with a 5-star global NCAP rating. The car comes in petrol and diesel engine and have a ground clearance of 209mm

14. TATA Punch ( GC – 187mm)


Recenltly launched TATA punch created hype with its bold looks, price and funky colors. Tata punch has a ground clearance of 187mm. The price of TATA punch starts from INR 5.93 – 9.49 Lakh and is available in 22 variants and 2 transmission options


High ground clearance vehicles in India are becoming more popular as a result of the country’s deteriorating road conditions. In the same way, clients in India seek more ground clearance because of the country’s numerous unpaved roadways. Vehicles with greater ground clearance are now available as a response to this market need. These days, there are several hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs with high ground clearance on the market. Hope you liked the list of the 12 most rugged cars on the indian roads today.


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