BMW G 310 RR vs TVS Apache RR310 Confused?

BMW G 310 RR vs TVS Apache RR310 Confused?

The G 310 RR, the third model in BMW Motorrad’s G 310 line, has just been released, and its prices have been confirmed. The BMW is based on TVS’ Apache RR 310 and shares its platform, engine, and assembly facility in Hosur. However, there are some significant differences. BMW has kept the full fairing, split headlights up front, and bull-horn style taillights from the Apache’s sport bike design, though the BMW has its own colour options and decorations.

The Sport and Track models of each bike have the same 312.2 cc, single cylinder engine that generates 33.5 horsepower at 9,700 rpm and 25.5 bhp at 7,500 rpm in Rain/Urban mode. The engine’s torque output of 27.3 Nm at 7,700 rpm and 25 Nm at 6,500 rpm in Sport/Track and Rain/Urban modes remains unaltered.

However, the two motorcycles are not identical; the distinctions go deeper than the skin deep.

BMW G 310 RR vs TVS Apache RR310: Brakes and Tyres

BMW G 310 RR vs TVS Apache RR310: Brakes and Tyres

The two motorcycles may look similar, but they run on separate tyres and use different disc brakes even if the designs are nearly identical. While the BMW employs more typical round discs for braking, the Apache RR 310 has a petal-style single disc set up in the front and back. Dual-channel ABS is standard on both vehicles. Michelin makes tyres for both bikes, but the G 310 RR’s Pilot Street model is more basic than the Apache’s Road 5S.

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BMW G 310 RR vs TVS Apache RR310: Adjustable Suspension

The Apache’s top-tier suspension also outperforms the BMW’s. Standard equipment on both bikes includes a 41mm USD front fork and a preload-adjustable monoshock, but the RR 310 BTO (Built To Order) goes above and beyond this. If the Dynamics package is also equipped, the vehicle’s suspension will be fully adjustable, allowing the driver to fine-tune the pre-load, compression, and rebound of the vehicle’s shock absorbers at both the front and rear. For even more aggressive handling, customers can select the Race kit, which has a lower handlebar position and higher foot pegs.

BMW G 310 RR vs TVS Apache RR310: 5.0-inch TFT Display

The 5.0-inch TFT display panel is a further distinction between the two motorcycles. While the BMW’s device displays the same information as the TVS unit, it does not support Bluetooth due to manufacturer-specific upgrades. TVS’s SmartXonnect technology comes standard on all Apache RR 310s, allowing for turn-by-turn navigation display, telemetry data, and message and call alerts.

BMW G 310 RR vs TVS Apache RR310: Pricing
The starting price of the Apache RR 310 is Rs. 2.65 lakh (ex-showroom), whereas the G 310 RR is around Rs. 20,000 more expensive. Prices for the BMW G 310 RR begin at Rs. 2.85 million (ex-showroom). If you’re interested in upgrading to the Apache RR 310 BTO, the Dynamical bundle will set you back an extra Rs. 12,000, while the Race package would set you back a more manageable Rs. This puts the total up to Rs 2.82 lakh, making the Apache RR 310 around Rs 3,000 cheaper than the starting G 310 RR.

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Final Verdict

It’s true that the TVS Apache RR 310 is a cheaper option than the G 310 RR, which it trumps in terms of features. It may be a BMW, but it’s no match for the Apache RR 310, which is cheaper and has better tyres, an adjustable suspension, and Bluetooth connectivity, all for a fraction of the price. TVS, however, is steadily expanding into the premium market as well, especially since the release of the Ronin in the 225cc class.


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