Honda Activa 6G 2023 Full Review

Honda Activa 6G

Rarely does a single product become synonymous with an entire market. Think of the absurdity if all cell phones were Samsungs or all hatchbacks were called Balenos. Honda, at least, has been successful to some degree in India. Due to the Activa’s widespread acclaim, some individuals mistakenly refer to any motor scooter as an Activa. The Activa’s success over the past two decades is due in large part to the fact that it has been consistently reliable. Of course, it also sports the logo of a prestigious company as proof of its authenticity. However, modern scooter purchasers have matured and compared a wide range of features. Reputation alone isn’t enough these days, which is why Activa received what is perhaps the greatest and most significant overhaul to date.

Honda Activa 6G Look & Feel

Honda Activa 6G Look & Feel

Honda took it easy on the 6G’s exterior refresh, giving it merely a little touch-up. The scooter’s new headlamp and reworked chrome apron make it seem more put together upfront. The mudguard has been made less rounded, taking cues from the design of the Activa 125. There hasn’t been a huge shift in design, but the rearward rake of the side panels is now a little steeper than before. In regards to the side panels, I’d like to point out that the plastic pieces there are very fragile.
The back is brand new as well, and the taillight is reminiscent of the one on the Activa 125. Activa fans should rest assured, as the scooter is still composed primarily of metal, with plastic used just for the headlamp fascia and the central portion of the apron.

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Activa 6g Engine Specifications

Activa 6g Engine Specifications

Engine109.51cc, Single Cylinder, Fan Cooled, 4 Stroke, SI Engine
Max Power7.68 bhp @ 8,000 rpm
Max Torque8.79 Nm @ 5,250 rpm
Bore x Stroke47mm x 63.1mm
Compression Ratio10.0±0.1
Fuel Tank Capacity5.3 Litres
Riding Range254km
Top Speed87kmph
TransmissionAutomatic CVT
Air Filter TypeViscous Paper Filter
Starting MethodKick/Self

Honda Activa 6G Ride Quality

Honda Activa 6G Ride Quality

An obvious change has occurred as a result of the longer wheelbase, telescopic fork up front, and 12-inch front wheel. Honda claims that the 6G’s frame is essentially comparable to the Activa 125’s, with the latter’s structure being reinforced to better cope with extra weight and power.
Above 60kph, the scooter no longer feels as anxious, and switching lanes is much simpler, although it still has a fluttery sensation. The scooter’s heightened control and stability haven’t come at the expense of its ride quality, and it can handle bumps on the road with ease.

Dimensions & Weight

Kerb Weight107Kg
Dimensions (LxWxH)1833mm x 697mm x 1156mm
Ground Clearance171mm
Seat Height692mm

The Activa 6G has a whole new engine, similar to the Activa 125 and SP 125 from Honda. Fuel injection replaces the carburettor, and the bore and stroke have been modified (the latter is now longer). Both power and torque have decreased by 0.17 horsepower and 0.21 Newton-meters (Nm) as is typical of BS6-compliant engines. It’s hardly shocking that the Activa isn’t a particularly fast scooter. The 6G has sluggish acceleration, and it has trouble getting up to speeds of more than 75 kilometres per hour. An excessively eager participant on an Activa 5G rode close to me throughout our shot, and despite my best efforts to keep him at bay, he eventually sped away.

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Brakes, Wheels & Suspension

Front BrakesDrum 130mm
Rear BrakesDrum 130mm
Braking SystemCBS ( Combined Braking System)
Wheel TypeSteel Rims
Front Tyre90/90 - 12
Rear Tyre90/100 - 12
Front SuspensionsTelescopic Front
Rear Suspensions3 Step Adjustable Spring Loaded Hydraulic

However, the 6G is noticeably more smooth than the 5G at all speeds, and the new engine’s remarkable lack of noise is sure to appeal to many purchasers. At times it seemed as though the car wasn’t even moving. Honda claims that despite 6G’s decreased performance, it is 10% more fuel efficient.

In terms of ergonomics, it can fit persons of varying heights, albeit those of really tall stature may find it uncomfortable. Because of how near the handlebar is to the rider, those of us who are taller than average will need to move our seats back so that we don’t scrape our knees on the bar while we’re locked in. In any case, the footboard is not too high, so your feet won’t hurt, and there’s also enough space under the bed for them to spread out.

Honda Activa 6G Features

Honda Activa 6G Features

  • eSP Technology: Helps in the silent start, reduces friction, and increases mileage by 10%
  • PGM-Fi: Consistent power output and better mileage
  • Engine Start/Stop switch
  • LED DC headlamps
  • Double Lid external fuel fill

Activa 6g Colors

  1. Matte Mature Brown Metallic
  2. Pearl Nightstar Black
  3. Matte Axis Grey Metallic
  4. Matte Magnificent Copper Metallic
  5. Pearl Precious White
  6. Decent Blue
  7. Rebel Red Metallic
  8. Black
  9. Mat Sangria Red Metallic
  10. Mat Marshal Green Metallic
  11. Pearl Siren Blue
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Honda Activa 6g Price

Activa 6G Standard₹ 86,044(On-Road Price, Delhi)
Activa 6G Deluxe
₹ 88,228(On-Road Price, Delhi)
Activa 6G Premium Edition Deluxe₹ 89,473(On-Road Price, Delhi)

Honda Activa 6G Final Verdict

The Activa 6G is a considerable improvement over its forerunner. It’s more eco-friendly, yes, but it’s also more feature-packed and more appealing as a product in general. There is a cost associated with these revisions, though activa 6G price varies between Rs 63,912 (Standard) and Rs 65,412 (Deluxe).
Considering all the effort put into it, the new price of Rs 7,500 more than the 5G is reasonable. You will have to pay an additional cost for activa 6G accessories. Its primary competitor, the TVS Jupiter, is noticeably more costly (Rs 61,449-67,911). The fact that Hero, TVS, and Suzuki offer base-model 125cc scooters that perform as well as, if not better than, Honda’s does not change the fact that Honda still charges a premium for their goods.


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