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Hindustan Contessa

India has only created a few truly legendary automobiles. And notably well-known brands that gave Indian drivers the full measure of their vehicles’ strength and capability.

In the past, muscle cars were a luxury item that could only be purchased by importing them from other countries. A car with an Indian badge, the Hindustan Motors Contessa (HM Contessa), stood in stark contrast to these commonplace examples.

In addition to the illustrious Ambassador, Hindustan Motors was the first to bring the Indian market to high-performance automobiles with robust and vintage (at least, retro to us) appearance and a minimalist, visually striking design.

Hindustan Contessa History

India’s first luxury vehicle was the HM Contessa, which was based on the Vauxhall Victor. Although Hindustan Motors had already achieved widespread fame in the late 1970s because of the success of the Ambassador, the company was eager to diversify its offerings.

Because of Vauxhall’s plans to discontinue the VX series, Hindustan Motors saw an opening, and the Contessa was developed.

Hindustan Contessa Engine

Despite the Contessa’s luxurious interior, the initial engine block was a letdown. The original 1.5-liter BMC B-series engine in the Contessa produced 50 horsepower and was paired with a 4-speed manual transmission. The Ambassador also used the same engine and transmission. Nonetheless, it was exceptionally well received for its genre.

It boasts the attractive and daring design of a muscle car, as well as the characteristically long hood and streamlined body. Afterwards, Hindustan Motors partnered with Isuzu to borrow the 1.8L 4ZB1 gasoline engine from it and mated it to a 5-speed transmission for the Contessa.

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A “Classic” and “1.8GL” insignia stood out as a distinguishing feature of the new Contessa Classic’s trunk. However, that wasn’t the final chapter. The 2.0 L Isuzu 4FC1 diesel engine, made in Hindustan, was installed in the Contessa automobile in the 1990s, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Why Has The Hindustan Contessa Vanished?

The Contessa was an enormous commercial success in India, as customers immediately connected it with sophistication, comfort, and power. Yet, production of the Contessa ceased in 2002. The fad faded as mainstream automakers such as Ford and Chevrolet introduced sleeker models with more powerful engines, effectively ending the muscle car cult.


The Contessa automobile was never as popular as the others, and the assembly lines shut down as soon as possible. It served its purpose well for a while. In reality, the car was released at a price of Rs. 83,437, with a booking payment of Rs. The Contessa was eventually discontinued due to competition from luxury automakers like BMW and Mercedes as well as muscle car experts Ford and Chevrolet.


Recently, however, a team of Indian designers came up with a vision for the Contessa brand’s future as a sleek, zero-emissions electric car. Although the Contessa was eclipsed in popularity by more powerful rivals, it remains a popular choice among car enthusiasts.


If Hindustan Motors decides to bring back the brand, it should sell well regardless of whether or not it retains its original, retro look and engine. There’s no reason to feel remorseful about the success of an Indian automaker, Contessa, which produced India’s first luxury vehicle and a muscle car that was well admired by its countrymen throughout the brand’s brief history.

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