Jeep Electric SUVs – Avenger, Recon & Wagoneer S Revealed


American SUV maker Jeep has unveiled its Avenger, Recon and Wagoneer S electric vehicles, as it begins its journey towards a completely electric future.

These three SUVs with electric motors were showcased in conjunction with the company’s Jeep 4xe Day. The event highlighted the brand’s new EVs and also gave us a first glimpse at the 4xe lineup that will be available in the coming months. The American brand says will improve its 4×4 capabilities with the use of electrification as well as technology. The lineup that is currently being announced of electric vehicles is targeted at markets in the North American and European markets with plans specific to different regions expected to be announced in the near future.

In a speech at an event titled Jeep 4xe Day celebration, Christian Meunier, Jeep brand CEO , said “Driven by the success of our electrified 4xe portfolio in North America and Europe, we are designing and developing the most capable and sustainable Jeep SUVs to date, on our path to becoming the leading zero-emission SUV brand in the world. This is a forward-thinking strategy to help ensure millions of Jeep fans around the world continue to have a planet to explore, embrace and protect. Electrification is great for our brand, making it even more capable, exciting, sustainable and fun.

Jeep Avenger


The first of three electric SUVs unveiled during the show was called the Avenger. The brand new Avenger is designed to be a vehicle for its European market and is the first electric vehicle bearing its Jeep name. Jeep Avenger Jeep Avenger will make its debut at this year’s Paris Motor Show on the 17th of October. It is expected to be on European roads in early 2023.

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Jeep will place the brand all-new Avenger underneath the Renegade and the brand new electrical SUV is also available in different markets, including Japan in addition to South Korea. Jeep intends to offer a distance of 400 miles with the brand new Avenger and says the electric SUV can offer an impressive amount of ground clearance, break-over angles and approaches for its class and will also offer a contemporary and advanced interior with ample space for cargo and passengers.

Jeep Recon

Jeep Recon

Jeep also unveiled its Recon electric SUV during 4xe Day. It is expected that the Jeep Recon electric SUV will launch in the coming year, as the very first electric vehicle from the Jeep brand to be sold in its domestic market. Production of the Jeep Recon will start in 2024.

Jeep says that the Recon is the most advanced model in its class. Recon was designed from scratch to be 100 percent Jeep 4×4 and emissions-free. Jeep says that it is the first time that the Recon will be sold solely as a BEV. It is expected to include off-roading technology, including Jeep Selec-Terrain’s traction management system with e-locker axle technology tow hooks, under-body protection as well as aggressive offroad tires. This Recon will also include the one-touch powertop of Jeep, along with glass and doors that can be removed.

Jeep Wagoneer S

Jeep Wagoneer S

The final vehicle that was unveiled during the Jeep 4xe Day event is the most elegant and powerful among the bunch. The codename is Wagoneer S, this all-electric Jeep SUV has a unique sleek, aerodynamic design and comes with 4×4 capabilities as normal, and comes with all-terrain handling and sophisticated Jeep brand-specific technology, and incredible performance credentials.

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Jeep states they will launch it will be able to offer the Wagoneer S will provide an estimated range in the region of 400 miles (643.7km) with just one charge, with 600hp, and a 0-60 miles/hour (0-96.5km/h) speed of only 3.5 seconds.


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