Kia EV6 Full Review: Is This The Future?


For the first time, we encountered a vehicle whose size completely baffled us. But not because the vehicle was dull, the time allotted to us was limited and the temperature made it impossible to review it more closely. But still, we are here with a review of the all new Kia EV6 which will be on sale after a few months in the Indian market. Kia EV6 is more like driving a MacBook on four wheels than experiencing a vehicle! It’s like something out of a dream. At any given moment, you can count on Rosie to come out and warn you that what you’re doing is incorrect! It’s a futuristic automobile disguised as an ordinary vehicle. And it makes it the most fantastic piece of the future that I’ve ever ridden in. The e-tron is a close second, but there’s no denying that a trip in an Audi comes with some major bling. EV6 levels aren’t cheap, but they’re not going to shock your budget either, I’m hoping!

Kia EV6 Looks & Dimensions

Kia EV6 Looks & Dimensions

In terms of its lineage, there are just three other models to consider: Ray, e-Niro, and Soul EV. It is the first all-electric vehicle from Kia. Because it’ll be one of 14 Kia electric vehicles on the market by 2027, it’s just dubbed the EV6 for short. But EV6 has a moniker that sounds like something from the Star Wars universe. It seems as though it just blasted out from a distant death star. It has a black mesh bumper and a high gloss shiny black grille. Then there’s the matte grey colour. Swoon. Every time an EV6 entered the pit lane at the BIC, I kept expecting Darth Vader to emerge! The only thing I’d suggest is ditching the huge 235/55 profile tyres in favour of smaller 19-inches with a lower profile. Drop the EV6’s ride height, and you’ll see it take on a sinister air. It’d certainly be more manoeuvrable as a result of it. Compared to the Stinger, which has a more sensual flow, the EV6 is a more aggressive-looking vehicle.

The Kia EV6 has a huge footprint as well. Even though it is about 4.7 metres in length and nearly 1.9 metres in width, the wheelbase, which is 2.9 metres from front to rear, is what makes it unique. Indian circumstances call for a ride height of 154mm, yet at 1550mm it isn’t particularly lofty. Despite this, it nevertheless has a striking profile, thanks in part to the addition of a few key style cues. To name a few, the clamshell front, rear light bar arrays, and spoiler scoops are all show-stopping details worth mentioning in this context.

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A delicate endeavour to not veer too far from being a regular daily automobile is reflected in the design of the interiors. Decide for yourself whether the style appeals to you; there are some eye-catching features and others that aren’t so much. The racy and well-bolstered chairs attracted my attention. The location of the power button and the drive selection knob cannot be overlooked. A computerised touch screen controls the climate. The temperature control and entertainment capabilities of this one-of-a-kind display unit are completely interchangeable.

In-dash screens with a single huge display for media and navigation are becoming the norm rather than the exception in cars. Smart engineering minimises design and tooling costs by combining both displays into a single panel. The screens are pleasing to the eye, with good readability. However, you have a large function library and it takes a long time to scan through it all. In addition, the menus are so extensive that you can’t recall where everything is located, making it difficult to utilise some of the functions. The steering wheel, which seemed out of place on that dashboard, didn’t help the situation.

Then there’s the room on the inside. It doesn’t have a transmission tunnel, the wheelbase is long, the windows are wide, and the battery pack is tucked away beneath the floor pan for a low profile. All of this adds up to a spacious cabin that makes good use of its square footage. You may find a spacious storage bin directly beneath the gear selection panel in your vehicle. In addition, you have a fairly spacious trunk that can be increased by folding the rear bench seats. There is a lot of legroom in the backseat, as well as plenty of shoulder room.

Kia EV6 Range & Riding Modes

Kia EV6 Range & Riding Modes

The GT Line version of the Kia EV6 will be sold in India only. The AWD and RWD versions are also available in this trim level. The supercar-level performance of the AWD makes it the more enticing of the two. It takes only 5.2 seconds to get from 0 to 100 kph with the two engines on board, one on each axle. The two motors work together to produce a maximum of 325PS and a maximum torque of 605 Nm. According to WLTP cycles, the RWD model has a range of 528 kilometres, while the AWD model has a range of 515 kilometres. In real-world settings, I’d anticipate the EV6 in either configuration to reach a range of over 300 kilometres with a 30% reduction in power consumption. Even more astounding is the fact that the Kia EV6 weighs approximately 2 tonnes!

There are three driving modes that may be engaged via a switch on the steering wheel or by browsing the menus. It’s best to stick with the usual mode unless you’re running low on battery, in which case you may switch to eco mode by pressing the button. Alternatively you can switch to racing mode. If you need to accelerate quickly, you’ll still be able to do it at warp-speed levels in regular mode; but, switching to racing mode will set your synapses on fire.

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Intriguingly, the EV6 has four distinct regeneration settings that may be selected using the steering-wheel-mounted paddles. Compared to the first level, where the braking action is much more moderate, the one-pedal driving experience may be achieved at the fourth level. There isn’t another EV in India with as many regenerative driving modes as this one.

The inclusion of ambient noises is yet another intriguing aspect of the EV6. The EV6, unlike several other vehicles we’ve driven, does not provide an audible warning to pedestrians. Some technological noises may be heard in the cabin, which can be rather annoying. You may choose from a variety of options, like future, cyber, and a customizable mode, but they all seem ludicrous. Turn off the feature if necessary.

Kia EV6 Charging Time

Kia EV6 Charging Time

A maximum of 233kW may be charged with the CCS2 connection on the EV6. The charging plug may be accessed by releasing a flap on the rear right side of the car. Kia said that in India, they will provide a 3.6kW home charger, but things get interesting here. V2L (vehicle to load) sockets will also be provided by Kia India for charging home gadgets using the EV6. The EV6 will be connected to a 220V 15A 3-point connection, and the other end will hook into a specific connector. A 3.6kW 220V electric system may be powered by this device! Even your air conditioner might be powered by this. You can operate the air conditioner for at least a day and a half on the 77.4kWh battery pack. Using this when camping would allow you to power an icebox, or camp lights, or even a mixie! A 3-pin plug beneath the back bench may be used to power a vacuum cleaner if desired. The car we drove had European connectors, however these were converted to Indian adaptors.

Additionally, you have the option of providing vehicle-to-vehicle charging as well. In the event that one EV6 ran out of energy, another EV6 would be able to provide 3.6kW of charge. It’s terribly sluggish and impractical at the moment, but it’s a beginning anyway.

Kia EV6 Driving Impressions

Kia EV6 Driving Impressions

The Kia EV6 has the potential to be a nimble city vehicle. Using the BIC as a test vehicle for a car’s ride quality is a bad idea, in my opinion. Arjun Kapoor’s expressionless demeanour permeates almost every vehicle. On paper, the Kia EV6’s suspension is an independent McPherson setup up front and a multi-link independent setup in the back. On top of that, the 235/55 rubber portion on the bottom should provide a smooth ride.

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Contrarily, handling isn’t really outstanding. The actual configuration of the EV6’s tyres, Kumhos or Bridgestones, will be made available to us at the time of its introduction. Pushing too hard on these tyres will rapidly reveal their limitations in terms of adhesion. All of this points to the fact that the electric vehicle’s performance isn’t intended to be a show-stopping powerhouse. The EV6 is a well-appointed city car with the potential to be a beauty on the highway. It will protect you, nurture you, and make your life a lot easier. To put it another way, although the electric-powered Kia EV6 has a massive amount of power at its disposal, it should not be considered that it is an actual sports vehicle.

Kia EV6 Safety & Features

Kia EV6 Safety & Features

A slew of new security and convenience features are available for the EV6. Standard features include several airbags, anti-lock brakes (ABS), traction control (traction), electronic stability programmes (ESP), 360-degree cameras, and adaptive lighting, among others. However, the level 2 advanced driver assistance system that it adds is not without its own set of pros and cons. We can’t fix this problem no matter how many lines of code are thrown at it because of the environment we’re driving in.

Then there are the features that make life easier. One-touch relaxation chairs that extend out to catch up on those 40 winks while you wait to charge the batteries are just a few of the many conveniences that come standard in the Meridien. Wireless charging and various charging ports are also available. And, as previously said, all of this is accompanied with the GT Line emblem. As a result, I estimate the EV6 to cost at least INR 50 lakhs. Batteries account for the majority of that price. There is, however, a large list of other features that enhance the overall value offer.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Kia EV6 is a hard-to-beat deal. The Kia EV6 is nicely positioned between the luxury EVs and the budget friendly ones at the lower end of the pricing spectrum when it goes on sale in India. Ownership should be a positive experience. As many as 150kW DC fast-charging stations will be installed by Kia India. For an electric vehicle, the expenses of servicing and other related expenditures are also cheaper, and the entire proposal is highly compelling. Kia EV6 will compete with the BMW i4 electric car

Price Of Kia EV 6

Kia Ev 6 is launched at a price of 59.65 which is almost 10 lacs cheaper than the BMW i4 electric car. Booking amount for Kia EV 6 is around 3 lacs and the delivery will start from September 2022.

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