XUV 700 vs Scorpio-N 2022: Comparison Between Two Biggies


The latest generation of the Scorpio was released a few days ago after Mahindra had spent many months testing it. The new SUV with seven seats is called the Scorpio-N, but its internal designation is Z101. It will be sold alongside the current generation of the Scorpio, which will be rebranded as the Scorpio Classic.

This indicates that the new Scorpio-N is placed higher in Mahindra’s lineup than the Scorpio Classic and directly below the XUV700 in the company’s product hierarchy. Should you go ahead and reserve an XUV700 for yourself instead of purchasing the most recent model of the Scorpio-N? You may find the following comparison of the two Mahindra SUVs with 7 seats useful in making your choice between the XUV 700 vs Scorpio 2022.

XUV 700 vs Scorpio-N: Styling

After the XUV700, the Scorpio-N is the second Mahindra SUV to have the company’s new “twin-peaks” logo, which is meant for its new SUVs. But the way each SUV is made is very different from the other. The XUV700 has a design with a lot of curves that make it look more urban. The Scorpio-N, on the other hand, has a more boxy shape with flatter body panels that make it look more muscular.

The only thing the front ends of the Scorpio-N and XUV700 have in common is the new Mahindra SUV badge. Moving to the sides, the boxy design is also clear. The roofline of the XUV700 is slightly tapered, while the roofline of the Scorpio-N is flatter. The new Scorpio-N has a back end that looks like the old one, so some people may like it and some may not.

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The new Scorpio-N has a door that opens to the side at the back to get to the trunk, while the XUV700 has a hatchback-style back door. The XUV700 has tail lights that wrap around the back, but the Scorpio-N has d-shaped LED tail lamps that are stacked vertically.

Talking about XUV 700 vs Scorpio dimensions, The Mahindra Scorpio-N has a length of 4,662mm, a width of 1,917mm, and a height of 1,857mm. The Mahindra XUV700, on the other hand, is 4,695mm longer, 1,890mm wider, and 1,755mm tall. Both SUVs have a wheelbase of 2,750mm, though.

XUV 700 vs Scorpio-N: Powertrain


The Mahindra XUV700 is powered by a 2.2-litre mHawk diesel engine, which is offered in two different states of tune: 155 PS/360 Nm and 185 PS/420 Nm (450 Nm with AT). Additionally, the Mahindra XUV700 is equipped with a 2.0-litre mStallion turbo petrol engine, which generates 200 PS of power and 380 Nm of torque. Both a manual transmission with 6 speeds and an automatic transmission with 6 speeds are available as transmission choices.

The Mahindra Scorpio N is also powered by these two engines, although they are being provided in a level of tune that is somewhat less aggressive than before. The sport utility vehicle may be had with either a manual or an automatic gearbox, and higher-tier models can come with either a standard or an optional four-wheel drive setup. The XUV700 has a chassis that is called a monocoque, whereas the Scorpio-N is an SUV that uses a ladder frame.

XUV 700 vs Scorpio-N: Interior

While the inside of the Mahindra XUV700 comes standard with leather seats, connected displays, and a piano black finish, the exterior of the Scorpio-N is designed to seem considerably more rugged. The infotainment system available in the Scorpio-N is 7.0 inches, whereas that found in the XUV700 measures 10.25 inches. The instrument cluster of the XUV700 is purely digital, while the instrument cluster of the Scorpio-N is a combination of analogue and digital components.

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Both of these SUVs have almost the same steering wheels that have a design that is very techy and good-looking. The XUV700 can be purchased with either a 5- or a 7-seat configuration, but the Scorpio-N can be purchased with either a standard 7-seat configuration or an optional 6-seat configuration with captain seats in the second row. The captain seats in the second row are available as an option.

XUV 700 vs Scorpio-N: Seating Comfort

The Scorpio has a towering stance, and the driver’s seat is situated substantially higher than in other vehicles. Because of this, the driver is able to gain a better perspective of the road, which ultimately results in improved vision when off-roading. Both automobiles have seats in the second row that are comparable to one another. In contrast to the XUV700, which has reduced headroom as a result of its panoramic sunroof, the Scorpio has larger windows and a glass area.

Additionally, the XUV700 gives the back passenger the ability to adjust the position of the seat that the co-driver sits in. Both of the cars had comparable room available in the far back row. The Scorpio’s back row passengers have more space to move their heads. The XUV700 provides a higher level of comfort, while the room in the Scorpio is more accommodating.
XUV 700 vs Scorpio-N: Features
The XUV700 comes standard with a variety of features and options such as a panoramic sunroof, an infotainment screen measuring 10.25 inches, a digital driver’s display measuring the same size, dual-zone climate control, seven airbags, an electronic parking brake, and various Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) such as lane keep assist, emergency autonomous braking, adaptive cruise control, and so on.

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The Scorpio-N, on the other hand, has a feature list that isn’t quite as robust as the one found on its older sister. The sport utility vehicle is available with a much smaller sunroof, an infotainment system that has an 8-inch display, automated temperature control, connected-car technology, a wireless charger, cruise control, and a great deal more.

XUV 700 vs Scorpio-N: Price

Currently, the XUV700 can be purchased for a price that starts at Rs 13.18 lakh and goes directly up to Rs 24.58 lakh. However, the Scorpio-N has a starting price that is far lower than that of its sister, coming in at around Rs 11.99 lakh. When deciding which one is better for off-roading, the xuv 700 vs scorpio ground clearance is an important factor. They are almost the same, but the Scorpio-N is better because it has a more rugged body. So you should think about what you need and we’re sure you’ll choose the right one between these two. Best wishes!


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