MG Gloster 2022: Price, Colors, Mileage, Review

MG Gloster

The MG Gloster is a huge SUV that offers plenty of power and is equipped with high-end features often found in much more expensive vehicles. The rising popularity of compact SUVs, midsize SUVs, and full-size SUVs throughout the years attests to the adage, “Bada hai toh badhiya hai,” which is commonly employed in most households. The MG Gloster is the newest full-size SUV option on the market. After the Hector, ZS EV, and Hector Plus, the Gloster is MG Motor’s fourth offering in India. It’s enormous, it’s loaded with features, and it drives well, but can it compete with the most popular SUVs in this price range? Let’s know!


MG Gloster Engine & Power

The Gloster’s impeccably insulated cabin impresses us with its level of sophistication and quiet NVH. The 215 hp and 480 lb-ft of torque from the 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine is sent down efficiently by the eight-speed automated transmission and all-wheel drive. It also features eco, manual, sport, sand, mud, rock, and snow modes. What really surprised us was how easily the massive 480 Nm of torque is unwound from as low as 1,500-2,400rpm, luring this 2.7-ton bulk into motion with relative ease, even with a full load.


To the point that the Gloster’s acceleration is gradual and smooth, with no jarring kicks from the transmission. Further, we mentioned that changing gears at roughly 2,000 rpm while maintaining a constant throttle position is our preferred method. As a result, the transmission’s gear changes are heavily reliant on how hard the gas pedal is pressed. Therefore, a longer period of time is spent in a lower gear to enhance reaction when one increases the amount of right foot mash. Moreover, downshifts (kick-downs) under full power are brisk and smooth.

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Furthermore, staying around these rpms will make short work of any overtaking manoeuvres due to the engine’s large spike of power beginning at 2,500rpm and lasting until around 4,000rpm. Better further, the paddle shifters allow complete control of the gear changes. The next step is to switch to Sport mode, which makes the power delivery forceful but jerky at low rpm. As a result, we determined that keeping highway speeds throughout the day was a breeze for the Gloster, making it an excellent tool for cross-country travel.


MG Gloster Ride Quality & Handling

When driving on regular roads, bumps and ripples are trampled underfoot with little to no discomfort because the Gloster joyfully absorbs even the biggest potholes with ease. Considering the general state of our roads, this is a major accomplishment made possible by the suspension’s massive travel. However, because it is so absorbent, it can take a moment or two to return to normal after being subjected to strenuous activity.


The body also rolls quite a bit in corners. Additionally, the steering has roughly three and a half turns from lock to lock, which is not only slow but also causes some unnecessary arm-wringing. Nonetheless, it inspires a decent degree of confidence due to the considerable amount of response the wheels throw back and the tight grip of its 255-section tyres. Large discs at each wheel provide exceptional stopping capability for this massive vehicle.


MG Gloster Seating Comfort & Features

The Gloster’s entrance may be steep, but once inside, you’ll be delighted with the cabin’s bright, contemporary design and the employment of high-end touches throughout. The level of craftsmanship even in the finishing touches is superb. The ergonomics are satisfactory, for the most part, although we could never get used to the wireless charging pad being installed at an oddly high angle.

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Otherwise, this cabin is functional and roomy, with plenty of space for storage. There are very few supporting pillars, so you have a sensation of floating over the road, and the building’s height gives you a bird’s-eye view of the traffic below. Although the front seats provide enough support for the lower back and sides, they could do more in the thigh and shoulder regions. My favourite massaging feature is built into the driver’s seat, so I guess I have no reason to complain. All of these features are included in the captain chairs located in the centre row, and there are even individual climate settings for each seat.


Again, there is plenty of space to stretch out and move around. Remarkably, these traits persist even in the lowest seating section. There is enough space for two people, including me, including knee and shoulder room, and access to amenities like cup holders, air vents, and speakers in the far back row. The Glosters’ cabin does the trick; it’s comfortable. If you fold down the middle seat, you’ll get 343 litres of cargo capacity, which is plenty for several laptop bags. When unfolded, however, it reveals a massive interior space of 1,350 litres, more than enough for anything respectable that comes to mind.


Features include automatic headlights, adaptive cruise control, rain-sensing wipers, and an automatic parking assist, as well as a 12.3-inch high definition (HD) touchscreen that is responsive and easy to use, MG’s iSmart technology with more than 71 connected car features, an excellent multi-information driver’s display, and much more. As an added bonus, there are heated and ventilated leather seats, wireless charging, a panoramic sunroof, and a motorised trunk lid.

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MG Gloster Safety Features

Airbags (front, side, and curtain), electronic stability programme (ESP), traction control, rollover mitigation, hill-start and hill-descent support, anti-lock brakes (ABS) with electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD), and an electro-mechanical differential lock all contribute to the vehicle’s safety (EDL). Plus, there are safety features like blind-spot monitoring, automated emergency braking, and lane departure warning from the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS).


MG Gloster Road Presence

Compared to the Fortuner or the Endeavour, the MG Gloster could seem weak. And it’s not only longer; it’s also taller and wider. Along with the modern LED headlights and angular fog light bezels, the front fascia features a massive octagonal grille accented by thick chrome accents. Aside from the high shoulder line and the potentially more appetising 19-inch wheels, the side view is unremarkable. There is also no glitz or glamour to be found in the back. Just your standard issue corporate vehicle, complete with sleek LED tail lamps and a massive Gloster logo running along the trunk. Contrarily, the presence of four tailpipes suggests that there may be something extraordinary behind the hood. However, in general, it’s like wearing your grandmother’s nightgown; it keeps you warm and covers your body.



There can be no doubt that the MG Gloster is the gold standard when it comes to comfort, style, and power. While the MG Gloster makes a compelling argument for itself, we think it’s best suited for individuals who want to try something new without straying too far from the perks of the sector, which includes vehicles like the Toyota Fortuner, Mahindra Alturas G4, Ford Endeavour, and Isuzu MU-X. Well played, MG.


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