New KTM RC 390 2022 VS Old KTM RC 390


Old Generation KTM RC 390 vs KTM RC 390 2022 : What’s New Coming Up From KTM?

The Indian automobile sector has been fairly active during the last few days. We’ve seen some significant leaks, whether it’s the new Mahindra Scorpio N or the revised KTM RC series. KTM originally introduced the RC 200 and RC 390 to our shores in 2014, causing quite a stir in their respective sectors. The RC 390 was a riot back then, but competitors quickly came up to challenge its dominance, and it began to seem a bit obsolete. Don’t worry, since the upgraded RC 390 seems to be well prepared to reclaim the crown. Let’s take a closer look at all of the changes it has over its predecessor.

Bulkier Looks

KTM RC 390 New Vs Old

The RC 390’s earlier incarnation boasted razor-sharp aesthetics and chiselled bodywork. The upgraded motorbike, on the other hand, has expanded in size from every perspective.

It may have garnered a chilly reaction from the Indian public across social media platforms, but we feel that will change once we see it in person since, based on images, the revised RC390 has a big-bike appeal. The dual projector headlights in the front have been replaced with a hexagonal headlamp configuration that we are already acquainted with. The indicators have also been relocated from the rearview mirrors to the front apron.

According to the leaked pictures, the KTM RC 390 will have a really appealing colour scheme with blue and orange highlights. The front apron has fake carbon fibre inlays and a wider windshield, which should give improved wind protection. The texture of the seat seems to be more quality as well. Overall, it seems to be from the same family as the RC8, and the ancestral ancestry can be observed even without using our tiny lens.

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Riding Position & Comfort

KTM RC390 Riding Position & Comfort

The RC 390 has been a terrific track tool from its beginnings, and a large part of its razor-sharp handling attributes may be ascribed to its super-aggressive riding position. However, it seems that KTM has changed the riding ergonomics to make the ride more comfortable.

It may frustrate those who do not want their beverages watered down, but if KTM pitches it as a sports-tourer rather than a pure track weapon, it will be able to sell the RC 390 much more than previously. The clip-on handlebars remain, although they seem more relaxed rather than as low as on the preceding RC 390. We may also anticipate the rider’s footpegs to be a little looser. The chairs seem to be more padded than previously as well.

Adjustable Suspension

KTM RC 390 Adjustable Suspension

The 390 Adventure, which is offered in other countries, has adjustable front suspension, and the same arrangement might find its way to the RC 390. The triple clamp shown in the leaked photographs implies that the front fork on the international-spec RC 390 will have adjustable compression and rebound damping.

As previously stated, the rear suspension will contain preload and rebound damping, as seen on the international-spec 390 Adventure. However, it remains to be seen if KTM would forego adjustable suspension in its India-spec variant. The addition of adjustable suspension will only make the RC 390 in India more premium than before.

Updated Instrument Cluster

KTM RC 390 Updated Instrument Cluster

A TFT panel like that on the Apache RR 310 would replace the LCD one which was present on the previous RC 390 edition, which, although still providing a wealth of information, seemed a little out of date next to the RR 310’s rich and bright TFT display.

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This would imply a clear and informative screen with Bluetooth connection, as well as turn-by-turn navigation and controls for phone calls and music playing.

Wheels And Rear Subframe

KTM RC 390

The rear subframe has been replaced with a bolt-on unit. The subframe’s bolt-on construction should make inadvertent repairs simpler and less expensive (should it bend or break in a crash). The new wheels are fitted with Continental ContiRoad sport touring tyres, which are the same as those seen on the international standard 890 Duke. It is unknown if these tyres will be available in India or whether KTM will continue to use the Metzeler M5s.


The new RC 390 is intended to be just as powerful as its predecessor. It remains to be seen if KTM was able to squeeze a few more horses out of the same power plant. The engine is capable of producing 43.5 PS @ 9000 rpm and 37 Nm @ 7000 rpm in its present level of tune. The engine is anticipated to maintain its high-revving characteristics while providing explosive performance.

Braking & Quickshifter

Even if the disc brakes look to be more perforated than they were previously, it is clear that the rotors will be better protected from overheating because of the increased ventilation.

Because every millisecond counts on the track, race car drivers adore the bi-directional quickshifter. The Quickshifter lets you swap gears without having to engage the clutch. For the first time, KTM made the quickshifter standard on its Adventure 390 model. It gets the job done, despite the fact that it doesn’t operate as smoothly as it could. Having a quickshifter on a track-focused motorcycle like the RC 390 would be a huge help. The quickshifter will only increase the motorcycle’s already impressive speed and agility on the track.

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New Colours & Riding Modes

To be fair, the RC390 does look fantastic in the leaked photographs of the blue-and-orange MotoGP livery that KTM will be using on the bike.

The inclusion of riding modes to the new RC 390 is another possibility and a critical one. A ride-by-wire throttle, which eliminates the need for a throttle cable and instead employs sensors, was added to the RC 390 when it was first sold in India. A ride-by-wire throttle-equipped motorcycle can easily accommodate multiple riding modes.

After installing ride-by-wire throttle and four riding modes on the BS6 Apache RR 310, TVS pulled it off. For some who aren’t a fan of KTM’s high-revving nature and explosive performance, riding modes could be a lifesaver. It may also increase the vehicle’s fuel economy. However, we are unable to say for certain at this time whether or not it will feature ride modes.

Exhaust Unit & Cooling

KTM RC390 Exhaust Unit & Cooling

The redesigned exhaust system would be another significant improvement in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. The side-slung end-can exhaust system will remain, but it will have a new design with a mesh on the exhaust output that stands out. There is a good chance that the same raspy exhaust tone will be present, but with a little extra bass added to it.

Riding in urban environments was notoriously uncomfortable for riders on the prior RC 390 model. KTM, on the other hand, has worked hard to improve its motorcycles’ heat dissipation. Two radiator fans look to be on the way for the new RC, though it’s hard to tell from these images.


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