Simple One Electric Scooter: 212Km range lauched at 1.45 Lakhs

Simple One Electric Scooter

Simple One has launched their electric scooter at a price point of 1.45Lakhs (ex-showroom Bengaluru). The range of the Simple One is around 212 kilometers.

It is available in 4 single-tone colors and 2 dual-tone colors.

With 134 kg weight. It is the heaviest e-scooter available in India.

Simple One Electric Scooter: Design

Simple One Electric Scooter: Design

And while I know that opinions on aesthetics are varied, I can confidently say that Simple One’s design will find few detractors. They are the ones who mistake the Simple One for an Aether 450 X. The only shared feature between the two scooters is the control panel. Both have darkened faces and tiny daytime running lights on their sides.

The Simple One is visually distinct from any other scooter out there. Specifically, the Indian Paradise Flycatcher served as inspiration for the design. There are character lines all over the front and sides of the scooter, giving it a sleek look.

The back narrows to an LED tail light and LED turn signals. The LED headlights are housed in a front end that is just as sharp as a bird’s beak. The LED tail lamp unit is a classy cap to the sleek design that continues around back. All in all, it’s a very appealing and forward-looking design.

Simple One Electric Scooter: Battery & Charging

Simple One Electric Scooter: Battery & Charging

The Simple One scooter’s battery design is novel and could win over customers sceptical of electric vehicles’ range. Two batteries are included with the Simple One. A 3.3 kWh battery is permanently installed in the scooter’s floorboard, and an additional 1.5 kWh battery can be removed and stowed away in the scooter’s under-seat storage. With both batteries fully charged, the scooter’s total capacity increases to 4.8 kWh, providing a claimed range of 203 km.

In operation, the battery that is installed in the floor is used until it is depleted, and then the battery that can be removed from the device is put into action. If the scooter is plugged into an outlet, both the built-in battery and the removable battery will be charged. The battery pack can be taken out and charged independently. This battery implementation is very useful because the battery pack can be removed and charged in places where power outlets are not available.

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Be aware, though, that once the scooter’s built-in battery is depleted and it begins using the removable battery, it will operate only in Eco mode and will be limited to speeds of no more than 50 kph. Battery life is roughly 50-60 km. We can think of it as a backup battery for our gas-powered scooters and bikes. They have a reserve range of 40-50 kilometres, giving you plenty of time to locate a gas station. The same holds true for the removable battery mode; once you enter it, you know you need to either return home or locate a charging station.

Simple One Electric Scooter: Performance

The Simple One scooter’s efficiency is a further triumph. Eco, Ride, Dash, and Sonic are the four riding modes available. When set to Eco mode, your maximum speed is capped at 50 kph, but you get significantly more mileage. This level of power is sufficient for getting around the city and commuting on a regular basis. Power and range are beautifully balanced in Ride mode. This is the setting I would use if I were commuting around the city on the scooter. More power is available at the touch of the throttle, and the range is adequate for a comfortable trip of around 180–190 kilometres. In Ride mode, you can reach speeds of up to 65 kph, which is a respectable rate of travel even on the freeways.

The Dash mode allows for 85 kph highway cruising, so it’s worth switching to if you plan on doing a lot of highway riding. Power delivery is sufficient for a light push back and some lighthearted scooter play. However, it will only be able to travel 110-120 km. I’d like to refer to Sonic mode as the Fun mode; if you’re looking for a good time, this is the setting for you. The full 8.5 kW (11.5 PS) and 72 Nm of torque are yours with just a twist of the throttle, allowing you to sprint forward at speeds of up to 165 miles per hour (105 kilometres per hour). In testing, the scooter’s 0-40 time was just 2.8 seconds, making it one of the quickest in its class. However, in Sonic mode, you will only have a range of 85-95 kilometres because of this.

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Simple One Electric Scooter: Ride & Handling

The Simple One must be one of the best handling scooters in its class, coming really near to the Ather 450X in terms of performance in this regard. The ride is fairly comfortable, especially at the higher speeds, thanks to the 12-inch wheels that are being used. Although the suspension is on the firmer side of things, it is not so difficult that you will be unable to handle it. A more forgiving suspension would have been preferable to the one that is currently installed on this scooter because its natural habitat is the concrete jungle. We are keeping our fingers crossed that Simple Energy will put some effort into this matter before they begin delivering the next batch of these scooters. Aside from that, the majority of people will be very pleased with how the scooter rides and how it handles.

Simple One Electric Scooter: Practicality

Simple One Electric Scooter: Practicality

Since scooters are typically used for running errands like grocery shopping, we anticipate that they will have a lot of storage space. The boot space of the Simple One is also massive, measuring in at 32 litres, and can easily accommodate a full-sized helmet. We are able to easily accommodate your weekly grocery needs. In addition, the floorboard provides some space for you to store a bag underneath it. However, the scooter did not come equipped with a hook, which would have been a useful accessory for holding shopping bags. That is yet another feature that Simple Energy should consider incorporating into the scooter.

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Simple One Electric Scooter: Software & Features

Simple One Electric Scooter: Software & Features

We were unable to give the Simple One’s big colour screen its due while the software was still in beta. In order to give a thorough report on the scooter’s performance, we will need to schedule another meeting to test it in more detail. However, based on our observations, we can confidently state that it is packed with features. Detailed maps, wireless Bluetooth audio and media control, emergency help buttons, and a secure document vault are all included. To complement the scooter’s colour, a variety of designs are available. The scooter’s range, battery SoC, temperature, mode, speed, etc., are all displayed. But before we can fully trust any of these features, we need to test them out in the real world.

Simple One Electric Scooter: Colours & Price

Simple One Electric Scooter: Colours & Price

The Simple One is offered in four different colour options. Namma Red is the most prominent colour, while the other three are known as Azure Blue, Brazen Black, and Grace White. To begin, the price of the scooter ranges anywhere from 1.1L to 1.45L, and this number is determined by both the state in which you live and the subsidy norms that are in place in that state. The Simple One is now competing directly with the Ola S1 Pro and the Ather 450X as a result of its pricing.

Simple One Electric Scooter: Verdict

The ride and handling are satisfactory, and the performance and design are the highlights. Two batteries are used, which is both practical and easy for users to access. Contrarily, the scooter’s range is the best in its class, and we’d like to test it for longer to verify these results. As with Simple Energy, Simple One has a solid strategy for growing its dealer network and, if executed successfully, has the potential to become a market leader in its space. In the meantime, we’ll have to see how Simple Energy incorporates feedback from the public into future product iterations, as well as how long it takes to receive the scooters that have already been booked.


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