26km/kg of mileage 4 star GNCAP rating TATA TIAGO CNG


The Tiago joins the compressed natural gas market with a full complement of available options. Will Tata be able to attract the CNG customers to buy it instead of maruti suzuki cars

Car manufacturers are turning to compressed natural gas (CNG) as a substitute for gasoline due to rising fuel costs and the disappearance of diesel in the midsize hatchback segment. Tata, on the other hand, has chosen to introduce the Tiago CNG in four variants, including the base XE and the top-end XZ+. A more premium user experience but also a more affordable running is what the firm claims, and that is what we will find out today.

What’s New?

The facelifted Tiago has been on the market for more than a year, but its crisp design cues keep the car looking new. In addition, Tata has taken advantage of the CNG model introduction to freshen things up a bit. In addition to the metallic plum tone of our test car, there are a few new features in the Tiago line, including projector headlamps, LED Daytime Running Lamps, and a black-and-beige interior. Except for larger wheels on the CNG vehicle (14 inches in diameter instead of 15 inches) everything else is identical. GNCAP’s 4-star crash rating doesn’t carry over, but TATA is confident that they will get the same rating with the crash test.

Tata Tiago CNG Interior

To reach the spare wheel, Tata Motors has re-engineered the process of pulling the rear seat backrest forward and removing the spare wheel from the passenger compartment, rather than putting it back in the trunk. If you don’t want to remove the spare, Tata Motors includes a puncture repair kit with all models.

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tata tiago cng launch price and mileage

The interior of tata Tiago have the contrast between the light and dark colours. The cabin’s new black-and-beige colour scheme and sporty steering wheel, as well as the full-digital instrument cluster that debuted with the redesign last year, give it a more upscale appearance. The fuel choice switch, dual fuel gauges, and a fire extinguisher are all CNG-specific features.

A Harman music system, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay in the 7-inch touchscreen of CNG Tiago , just like the normal Tiago’s top-end model. Also included are automatic climate control, power outside mirrors, and a rear parking camera.

The Tiago CNG has a touchscreen infotainment system in higher-end models. For years, we’ve been praising the front seats for their exceptional comfort and excellent balance of padding that is neither too harsh nor too soft. Just like before, the driving posture is excellent and the controls fall into place without a hitch.

Tata Tiago CNG Performance

With the facelift, the Tiago’s 1.2-liter engine was improved to meet BS6 pollution standards, and the CNG version has the same powertrain as the petrol model. It produces 86 horsepower and 113 pound-feet of torque while operating on gasoline, and 73 horsepower and 95 pound-feet of torque when running on CNG, which is class-leading by a wide margin.

When you turn the chic flip-key, you can hear the 1.2-liter engine start. There are some vibrations in the cabin because this is a three-cylinder engine. In order to get a feel for the BS6 version of the petrol Tiago, we initially took it for a test drive in that configuration. It grows louder past 2,500 rpm when the engine is running, but it’s not unbearable. Although the performance isn’t spritely, it’s strong enough to undertake overtaking movements without a problem.

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CNG mode was the next mode. Tiago CNG can start directly on either petrol or CNG, unlike its competitors. This is an interesting point to keep in mind.

As an added perk, starting from a stop in electric mode feels almost identical to starting from a standstill in gasoline mode. The 0-100kph time in CNG mode is almost three seconds slower than in petrol mode, due to a power reduction of around 10hp. What’s more relevant is that, even when driven aggressively, there isn’t much of a difference in performance between the two fuels while driving regularly at part throttle.

Tata Tiago CNG Built Quality

Remember that the Tiago is built on Tata’s X0 platform, which has historically been heavier than those of its competitors, and this has an effect on its performance. The performance curves in both modes have been finely tuned by Tata, and you can’t really detect the difference in power when accelerating at low speeds. So if you’re simply driving about town or on the highway, it’s perfectly OK.

Drive Experience

The Tiago performs admirably in terms of ride and handling. High-speed stability is excellent, and the car feels sturdy even at triple digit speeds thanks to the suspension’s ability to absorb most bumps without fuss. This car’s steering has a wonderful weight to it; it is neither light nor heavy, so the effort required to turn it is just ideal. After a tight bend, you don’t have to rotate the wheel back toward centre, which is convenient.

CNG Fuel Capacity And Mileage

Additionally, Tata still has a 35-liter gasoline tank that can hold up to 10 kg of CNG, while the CNG tank can hold 60 litres, allowing you to fill it up to capacity. A cylinder’s capacity is influenced by a variety of factors, including the ambient temperature and the pressure in the pump system. However, in some very basic preliminary testing, we got about 21km/kg with the Tiago, which is not bad at all. Tata claims a mileage of 26.49km/kg of gas; this is not class leading (that distinction goes to the Celerio with 35.60km/kg).

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In short, the Tiago was already a well-rounded package, and now with the inclusion of CNG, Tata Motors has expanded the fuel choice and luckily established an entire line-up of four unique variations, so that opting for CNG does not mean giving up creature comforts..”

Tata Tiago CNG Price

The Tiago CNG costs Rs 90,000 more than the petrol version, but it is a very good option for daily driving, the driving experience under CNG power is almost petrol-like, the ride and handling are well set-up, space inside is more than adequate, the interiors are well equipped, and, of course, there are multiple variants on offer, so as Tata Motors says, the ‘price’ is worth it.


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