Tork Kratos vs Revolt RV400: Which is Best Electric Bike?


Both the Tork Kratos and the Revolt RV400 are new electric bikes in India that have an aggressive appearance. There are a lot of new advanced features on both of these contemporary electric bikes, and they very much have everything you could want in a current electric bike in this sector when it comes to sophisticated features. The electric motors on both motorcycles have been upgraded, and the battery packs have been upgraded as well. It has a current aggressive stylist naked body design with new updated sophisticated features for modern electric motorcycles. Both bikes are equipped. So, the Tork Kratos is a new electric bike in India that competes with the Revolt RV400.


Design Language

The Tork Kratos is a new smart electric bike with a naked roadster form that has an aggressive appearance. India-made electric bike Kratos includes a unique lithium-ion battery pack and claims to have the best peak power and range of any electric bike on the market today. Triangular-shaped sporty LED headlights with sporty LED DRLs (Daytime Running Lights), handle mounted turn indicator lights, attractive LED taillight with eye-catching attractive colour option are some of the features of the Tork Kratos electric bike’s aggressive and modern body language in terms of design. Fully digital instrument cluster, step-up style comfy seat, alloy wheels, and tubeless tyres are all included in the Tork Kratos electric bicycle.


Revolt Intellicorp, on the other hand, has introduced the country’s first ever linked electric bike. As India’s first Al-enabled bike, the Revolt RV 400 has a slew of innovative features. The Revolt RV400 electric bike has muscular body panels with beautiful LED headlights, LED turn indicators, elegant LED tail lights, fashionable rear view mirrors, and eye-catching attractive colour choices with strong stylistic body designs. ” Fully digital instrument cluster, Bluetooth-enabled system, mobile phone connection, beautiful alloy wheels and tubeless tyres are included in the Revolt RV400 electric bike.

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Battery and Power

7.5kW or 10.05 Bhp of maximum power and 28Nm of maximum torque are available from the Tork Kratos modern electric bike, which is capable of reaching speeds of more than 105kmph. Powered by a 4kWH, IP67-certified lithium-ion battery pack, the new electric bike claims a range of 70 to 180 kilometres. Using an unique battery management system, the battery pack’s numerous properties are continually analysed and sent to the cloud for further analysis.


The ARAI-rated range of the Revolt RV 400 is 150 kilometres on a single charge, and the peak speed is 85 kph. This electric bike may go up to 150 miles on a single charge, depending on the rider’s speed and riding conditions. It can be recharged using a standard 15-amp wall outlet and does not need a special charging station. In addition to a portable battery charger, Revolt supports on-board charging. In fact, Revolt plans to open mobile battery swapping stations in the cities where it starts operations, as well as offering home battery delivery, both of which will go a long way toward alleviating customer concerns about battery range.


Safety & Features


Additionally, Tork has created an operating system that monitors real-time power usage, data compilation, and power management for the Tork Kratos contemporary electric bike. Fast charging and 4G telemetry will also be included in the Trok Kratos, as will Tork’s own app, which may be used for OTA updates and other advanced features. The R version of the Trok Kratos has extra features like quick charging, free access to the charging network for two years, and geofencing among many other sophisticated features.. Both wheels of the electric bike are fitted with disc brakes and a regenerative braking system for greater stability and better handling. The Tork Kratos electric bike is ideal for anyone wishing to make the conversion to carbon-free transportation while yet maintaining a contemporary, aggressive appearance. In the Indian electric vehicle market, the Tork Kratos is offered in four eye-catching colour schemes and two trim levels, the regular and the R.

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The new electric bike has a regenerative braking system and disc brakes on both wheels with a CBS (Combined Braking System) for added safety and control. The Revolt RV400 electric bike is ideal for anyone wishing to make the conversion to zero-emission transportation while still maintaining an aggressive, contemporary, smart, and popular appearance. One standard model is offered in India for the Tork Kratos electric car, which comes in a variety of colours. All authorised Revolt Motors dealerships in India will be able to sell the RV400 scooter.



A one-hour fast charger is included with the Tork Kratos electric bike, whereas the conventional charger takes four to five hours to charge from zero to one hundred percent of the bike’s capacity. There are three riding modes available on the new contemporary electric bike: Eco, City and Sports. There is also a reverse option. The highest speed of the new contemporary electric bike is 105 kmph in real time. The front and back wheels are supported by telescopic front forks and mono-shocks, respectively. Front and rear disc brakes with CBS (Combined Braking System) and regenerative braking systems perform braking responsibilities better and keep the vehicle safe on the road. The tubeless tyres on the Tork Kratos’ alloy wheels give it a sleek appearance.


Depending on the riding mode selected, the maximum range of the Revolt RV400 is 150 kilometres (100 miles) for eco, regular, and sports modes, and 80 kilometres (100 miles). Only a regular charger can completely recharge the new electric bike battery pack in around 4.5 hours. The front wheel is supported by upside down forks, while the rear wheel is supported by a monoshock. To better manage braking responsibilities and provide a safe ride on the road, the vehicle has a disc brake arrangement up front and the same disc brake setup at the back with (CBS) Combined Braking System. Tubeless tyres cover the stylish alloy wheels of the Revolt RV400 electric bike.

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There is a new Kratos model from Tork Motors that costs 1.02 lakh. (Ex-Delhi showroom/subsidy included) Kratos and Kratos R are the two names given to the bike. The latter is more expensive since it has a little more powerful engine and a wide variety of new functions, making it more desirable.


After updated FAME-Il subsidies, the Revolt RV400 is presently available for 1.07 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) It goes without saying that the two motorcycles are quite similar in price. While the rates shown above are subsidised, it should be highlighted.


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