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Yamaha MT2.O

For many years, Yamaha has been one of the most well-known brands of motorcycles in India. It continues to offer products that are both new and updated on a regular basis. At this time, Yamaha has implemented a number of improvements to the Yamaha MT 15. The Yamaha MT15 on-road price is 1,62,876 Indian Rupees. It is available in a total of four different colours and two distinct variations. The engine that drives the premium motorcycle is a 155cc BS6 unit. In this review of the new Yamaha bike, the MT 15 V2, we examine both the positive and negative aspects of the product. Let’s have a look MT 15 new model:

Yamaha MT15 V2.0: Design & Features

Yamaha MT15 V2.0: Design & Features

There are no changes to the Yamaha MT15 body panels in version 2.0 from previous models. The MT-15’s visual appeal has been greatly increased as a result of the addition of new colorways. The Cyan Blue paint job on our test bike makes it stand out in a sea of other bikes, and the brightly coloured wheels just add to the impact. If you don’t like this colour, the MT-15 is also available in a few more subdued options. The MT-15, in my opinion, is a marked improvement over the previous model because of its unique colour scheme and updated USD fork, which makes the front end appear more muscular.

Talking about the LCD instrument cluster, it comes with a bluetooth connectivity which displays incoming calls, SMS or email notifications, and phone battery level but no navigational cues on the MT-15 version 2.0.

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I’d like to see Yamaha MT15 MotoGP Edition pay more attention to quality in addition to the other changes. Over the course of our testing, the indicator stalk at the front had come loose and part of the plastic quality wasn’t up to par. Don’t even get me started on the fact that the horn and indicator controls are located in the wrong spot, which is a significant annoyance for me.

Yamaha MT15 V2.0: Ride & Handlin

Yamaha MT15 V2.0: Ride & Handling

To our delight, the Yamaha MT15 version 2.0 has received the same USD fork as the Yamaha R15 version 4.0. Unlike the earlier MT-15, which had a cheaper box section swingarm, the current MT-15 gets the very same aluminium swingarm found on the R15 version 4.0. Additionally, the wheelbase has been decreased by 10mm as a result of the USD fork mounting location adjustment. All of these modifications have made a noticeable difference in the motorcycle’s performance and handling.

You notice that the suspension is a little stiffer than normal, but it’s not startling. However, the trade-off is that the front-end feel and feedback, especially around turns, is better. Because the bike is firmly grounded and stays on a predetermined path, you can go faster.

The new bike rides much better than the old one, which was a little uneasy when pushed hard. Even rapid changes in direction are handled more deftly than in the past.

Negotiating city traffic on this Yamaha is a piece of cake thanks to its agile handling. The broad handlebars, precise steering, and compact turning radius all contribute to the motorcycle’s nimble response to the rider’s inputs.

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When it comes to stopping, the front brakes provide good bite and sensation, but I’m baffled as to why Yamaha hasn’t included anti-lock braking to the rear. Because of our terrible road conditions and the tendency of Indian riders to utilise the rear brake a lot, a locked rear wheel under emergency braking could result in a loss of control. Dual-channel ABS is a must for a bike this pricey.

Yamaha MT15 V2.0: Performance & Fuel Economy

Yamaha MT15 V2.0: Performance & Fuel Economy

Our favourite thing about the MT-15’s engine is that it’s so well-tuned. There is only a slight buzz as you get close to the redline, but it is smooth throughout much of the rev range. You won’t have to go to that part of the rev band in the city, speaking of which. As the R15 has a 48-teeth rear sprocket, the gearing is relatively short, and you can crawl in traffic at 20kph in fourth gear without the engine displaying any indications of resistance. Its excellent fuel economy in the city can be attributed to this kind of manoeuvrability. Over 50 kmpl in the city for a 155cc four-valve liquid-cooled engine with a performance bias is impressive.

Because of today’s astronomical fuel prices, this is the kind of efficiency that will keep your pocketbook happy at the pump. On the highway, the fuel efficiency rises to 54 kmpl, which is a fantastic number. The best thing is that these numbers are better than the BS4 bikes in terms of fuel efficiency. Fuel efficiency has improved slightly, but so has the vehicle’s performance.

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Even though the MT-15 2.0’s engine has a somewhat lower output than the BS4’s, the vehicle’s maximum torque has increased by 0.2Nm. One kilogramme has also been added to the bike’s curb weight. The MT-15 is somewhat quicker to 60 kph than the R15 V4, but the R15 is about a half-second faster up to 100 kph. This is understandable given the varying sizes of sprockets.

As a result, the engine revs to 8,000 rpm at 100 kph and sounds busy on the highway due to the gearing being geared toward city riding. Despite the decreased top speed, you’ll notice a noticeable decrease in performance as your speed drops below 120kph.

Yamaha MT15 V2.0: Final Verdict

Version 2.0 of the MT-15 is still an excellent tool for navigating the city’s chaos. Those looking for an exhilarating commuting experience will be immediately drawn to this vehicle’s snappy engine, low kerb weight, and rapid handling. Despite the fact that it’s more expensive, I believe the pricing is reasonable. In comparison to the previous cycle, the MT-15 is about Rs 13,000 more expensive (ex-showroom), but it still falls within a reasonable price range, with bikes like the KTM 125 Duke charging an additional Rs 15,000 even though it has less power and features.

Trying to find a street naked that looks good, performs well in the city, and gets decent gas mileage? An excellent deal is offered by the Yamaha MT15 version 2.0.


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