Yamaha R15 V4 vs KTM RC200 Which One To Buy


Yamaha R15 V4 vs KTM RC200 Which One To Buy

The new-generation RC200 from KTM has just been unveiled in India, and the revised model has greater equipment, a revamped design, and updated costs. The Yamaha R15, one of its main competitors, recently underwent a generational shift and was dubbed version 4.0.’

The Yamaha R15 v4.0 and the newly-launched KTM RC200 are compared side-by-side in terms of on-paper specifications.

Looks & Design

Yamaha R15V4 vs KTM Rc200 Looks & Design

Even though it retains many of the same features as its predecessor, the YZF-latest R15’s generation (v4.0) is sharper and sportier than ever before. An LED projector headlight, LED DRLs, and a slim LED taillight is included in the new front fascia. Redesigns have been made to the front of the motorcycle, although the rear part is largely untouched.

The rear-set footpegs and low-set clip-on handlebars remain as attentive to ergonomics as they were before. An upright riding stance is ideal for racing but can be a little exhausting for daily commutes.

For comparison’s sake, let’s look at the all-new, next-generation RC200. The front visor has been raised to a more upright position, and the LED DRLs have been moved to the side of the headlamp cowl. There is a new front fairing, and the fuel tank has been increased (from 9.5L to 13.7L).

While the former model’s pillion seat featured a cowl-style shape, the newer model has a more traditional look. As a result, the LED taillight has also been updated. The ergonomics of the bike have been greatly improved with the addition of adjustable clip-on handlebars. However, the footpegs are still significantly rear-set, so daily commuting will be a challenge.

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Yamaha R15v4 vs KTM RC200 Features

Front forks on the new Yamaha R15 now use USD, but the rear suspension remains a mono-shock. As before, the brand’s Deltabox frame serves as the foundation for this bike. Updates to the LCD instrument cluster now include Y-Connect linked technology (which provides phone alerts, SMS/email notifications, ride statistics, and the most recent parking location, for example).

Dual-channel ABS protects the brakes, which have a total diameter of 282 millimeters upfront and 220 millimeters behind. Other options include a traction control system and riding modes.

The new KTM RC 200 2022 shares the 200 Duke’s split-trellis frame. The front suspension consists of USD forks, while the rear suspension comprises of a mono-shock. At the front, there is a 320mm disc with ABS, and at the back, there is a 230mm disc with ABS.

An LCD instrument cluster from the 250 Adventure has been installed on the RC, making it larger than the old RC’s. Although it doesn’t come with a Bluetooth option. Riding modes and traction control are also missing, but these features aren’t really necessary on a motorcycle of this size.

Engine Performance

Yamaha R15 v4 VS KTM RC200 Engine Performance

Single-pot motor with VVA (Variable Valve Actuation) improves the power curve throughout the rev range of the new R15. There has been a 0.2 PS decrease in peak power output to 18.4 PS, but a 0.1 Nm increase in maximum torque to 14.2. A quickshifter is available on the 6-speed automatic transmission.

Powered by the same 199.5cc single-cylinder motor as before, the new KTM RC200 churns out 25.8 horsepower and 19.5 nm of torque. There are no slipper/assist clutches here, therefore the 6-speed gearbox remains unmodified.

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The RC200 is substantially more powerful than the R15 because of its bigger displacement. Although the Yamaha’s power has been reduced slightly, its performance is still excellent, especially when compared to the v3.0’s.



Yamaha R15 V4.0




Engine Type

Liquid-cooled, single-cylinder

Liquid-cooled, single-cylinder


25.8 PS

18.4 PS


19.5 Nm

14.2 Nm


6-speed Manual

6-speed Manual

New KTM RC200 vs. Yamaha R15 V4.0 – Price Comparison

Yamaha R15V4 or KTM RC200 Price Comparison

Priced between Rs. 1.67 lakh and Rs. 1.79 lakh, the YZF-R15 v4.0 is a Yamaha motorcycle model (including the new R15M). However, the additional features and equipment make up for the price difference.

The pricing of the new KTM RC200 is the same as the previous model’s: Rs. 2.08 lakh. We expect to see a price increase in the near future, as these are merely introductory prices. However, the new RC200 costs a lot more than the R15 v4.0, but it’s also more powerful. However, when it comes to features, Yamaha is the clear winner.


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