How To Start A Car Without Keys?


How To Start A Car Without Keys

You’ve lost your car key. What do you do? Yes, you can start your car without the use of remote control. Without the key, will the ignition start?

Even if you lose the key to your car, you may still start your vehicle using a variety of methods. A hammer and screwdriver may be used in a first way. Hot wiring is the name given to the second approach. Finally, you may utilize the red coil wire approach.

For starters, you need to know what sort of car key you had.

Start Your Car Without Keys Easily

Being away from home and without a backup key might be quite annoying when you lose your key or your car’s ignition fails to start. Check out these tricks for starting a vehicle without a key.

  1. A Hammer And A Screwdriver

Car start with Hammer And A Screwdriver

One of the simplest ways to start a car without a key is to use this approach. The ignition switch, on the other hand, must be taken care of.

Using a screwdriver and hammer may permanently disable the ignition switch by damaging the lock pins of the ignition switch.

If you’re using a drill, you’ll need to drill about two-thirds of an inch through the inner flaps of the ignition switch.

A screwdriver may then be used to try to start up your vehicle when this procedure is completed.

You don’t even need a screwdriver to start the car; a flat piece of metal would do. In the absence of a drill, you may use a screwdriver and hammer instead. A screwdriver may be used to gently pound the ignition switch open.

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However, the ignition switch’s locking pins will be damaged if you use this technique.

  1. Hotwiring

Car start with Hotwiring

This technique, known as hotwiring, is appropriate for older cars.. It is possible to hotwire a car without using the switch or battery cables.

You’ll first need to remove the steering column’s plastic cover. You’ll need to remove two little screws in order to access the wire connector.

Because you’ll be working with live wires in this manner, it’s a good idea to cover your hands with insulating or protective gloves. Batteries often have red wiring, so keep an eye out for that. Brown and yellow are common colours for ignition wires.

Make a small incision in the battery wire insulation. Make the same adjustments to the ignition wires. Wire the battery and ignition together and twist the ends shut. The car should start as soon as you connect the wires.

  1. Red Coil Wire

car start with Red Coil Wire

This approach will work for you if you are certain that you have the same level of expertise and understanding as a technician.

Open the hood and look where the red coil wire is. A jumper starting cable may be used to connect the battery’s positive terminal to the red coil wire. Remember one thing that the positive terminal of the ignition coil is connected to the red coil wire.

The starting solenoid may be found by removing the plastic cover behind the steering wheel and looking inside. The starting solenoid should be linked to the battery’s positive terminal. Using a screwdriver, connect the solenoid’s positive terminal to the ignition switch wire.

It’s now possible to connect the ignition switch directly to the battery’s 12 volt supply. It’s simple to start the car now.

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When To Unlock The Car Without Keys?

When To Unlock The Car Without Keys


It’s possible that starting the car without a key will be essential at some point. For safety reasons, automakers often make this procedure more difficult. These people just do not want you to be the victim of an auto theft.

Many techniques exist for starting a car without a key, though. The following are some situations:

  • To get a car started without a key, the owner must have either lost or misplaced the key. A lost key might be a major headache if you don’t have a backup key with you. Here, it’s possible to employ any of the strategies indicated above.

  • Almost all of the vehicle’s electronic components and wiring may be located in or near the car’s ignition. The starting motor receives electricity from the battery when the key is turned to activate the ignition switch. The ECU and ignition coil are both powered by the ignition switch. If the ignition switch is faulty, you may need to utilise one of the techniques to start your car, such as hot wiring or the red coil wire approach.

Start The Vehicle Without Key Fob

Start The Vehicle Without Key Fob

If you have a keyless car, your key fob may malfunction and prevent you from starting the vehicle. The key fob is no longer required to start a car in the modern day. Assume that your smart key does not work. In either case, it’s either broken or the battery is dead. Without the key fob, can you start your car? After unlocking the car’s door manually, you may begin your journey.

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To learn how, continue reading.

If the key fob’s battery is dead, you’ll have to attempt opening the door by holding it near the handle. It’s possible that the key fob still has some power remaining in it.

If your key fob contains a mechanical key, you may also use it. For emergencies, it may be found in the key fob assembly. Using this key, you can open the doors.

Even if the key fob’s battery is dead, the car may still start. The car can be started without a battery since the key fob has a passive radio frequency chip. In order for the ignition to take place, sensors will automatically detect the signal.

Keep the key fob in easy reach of the power switch. The RF chip will be detected by the sensors and the car may be started.

It’s quite possible that if you misplace the key fob, you won’t be able to start the vehicle. To get a new key fob, speak with an authorised dealership.


If you’ve misplaced your conventional, standard key and need to start your vehicle, there are a few options. Using a hammer or a drill, a screwdriver may be inserted into the ignition slot. Using this procedure, the battery and ignition wires are knotted together in order to start the automobile. The red coil wire approach, the last one, involves connecting the battery to the ignition coil and solenoid in order to start the vehicle.

However, as technology has progressed, automobile keys have become more sophisticated. Only an authorised dealership can provide you with a new smart key or key fob if you’ve misplaced one.


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